Why Starting Your Business in the UK?

Why Starting Your Business in the UK?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur from North Africa or the Middle East looking to establish your business in a foreign market? Look no further than the United Kingdom. With its attractive business environment, advanced infrastructure, and strategic location as a gateway to the UK and European markets, the UK offers an array of benefits for international business owners. In this article, we will explore the compelling reasons why starting your business in the UK is a wise choice, especially for entrepreneurs from North Africa and the Middle East.

1. Low Incorporation and Management Costs:

Setting up a business in the UK is remarkably affordable, with relatively low incorporation and management costs compared to other countries. This is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs who are conscious of their budget and want to minimize initial expenses. With efficient company incorporation processes, you can establish your business without leaving the comfort of your chair, saving you both time and money.

2. Fast and Efficient Incorporation Process:

The UK boasts a streamlined company incorporation process that is renowned for its speed and efficiency. In just three working days, your company can be up and running, ready to seize the opportunities in the market. This accelerated process allows entrepreneurs to quickly establish their presence and start operating without unnecessary delays.

3. Access to the UK and European Market:

The UK serves as an ideal gateway to both the domestic market and the broader European market. By setting up your business in the UK, you gain easy access to a vast consumer base, allowing you to tap into new opportunities for growth and expansion. With its well-developed transportation infrastructure and close proximity to major European cities, the UK provides an advantageous location for businesses seeking to establish a foothold in Europe.

4. Advanced Business Banking Systems and Payment Gateways:

The UK is renowned for its advanced business banking systems, offering a range of reliable and efficient financial services. Entrepreneurs from North Africa and the Middle East can benefit from seamless banking processes, access to payment gateways, and the convenience of utilizing platforms such as PayPal, Wise and Stripe. These features facilitate smooth financial transactions and enhance the overall efficiency of your business operations.

5. Acceptable Tax Rates and Rules:

The UK tax system is known for its fairness and transparency, offering reasonable tax rates and clear regulations. This stability provides a favorable environment for entrepreneurs to plan and manage their finances effectively. The UK government also offers various tax incentives and initiatives to encourage business growth and attract foreign investment, providing further advantages for aspiring business owners.

6. Comprehensive Services with elFounder:

To assist entrepreneurs in their journey, elFounder offers a comprehensive range of services designed to simplify the process of setting up and running a business in the UK. Starting from just 99GBP, elFounder can handle your company incorporation, while also providing additional services such as a dedicated phone number for your company, accounting and legal services, and guidance in obtaining a business bank account, payment gateway access, and a PayPal account. These invaluable resources ensure that you have all the necessary support to establish and manage your business effectively.


For entrepreneurs from North Africa and the Middle East, starting a business in the UK presents an exciting opportunity for growth and success. With its low incorporation and management costs, rapid company formation, access to the UK and European markets, advanced financial systems, favorable tax rates, and the comprehensive support offered by elFounder, the UK is an attractive destination for international business ventures. Take advantage of these benefits and embark on your entrepreneurial journey in the UK today.