Why Starting Your Business in Estonia?

Why Starting Your Business in Estonia?

Estonia is an exceptional destination for starting your business, particularly if you aim to enter the EU market. Thanks to the e-residency program, which provides opportunities for citizens from North Africa and the Middle East to establish their businesses there, Estonia offers numerous strengths that make it an attractive choice. Let’s explore the key advantages:

1. E-Residency Program:

As a citizen or resident of a North African or Middle Eastern country, starting a business in the European Union can be challenging due to EU regulations. However, Estonia offers the E-Residency program, which enables entrepreneurs to easily establish and manage their businesses online. With over 95% of administrative operations available remotely, you can run your business efficiently without leaving your chair.

2. Reliable Reputation for Business:

Estonia has built a strong reputation for business due to its digital innovation, business-friendly policies, robust legal framework, commitment to cybersecurity, and international trade collaborations. The country’s efficient e-governance, streamlined processes, and advanced digital infrastructure make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. Estonia’s focus on innovation and protection of business interests further enhances its reliability as a business hub.

3. Prime Gateway to EU Market:

Estonia serves as an excellent gateway to the European Union (EU) market. Being an EU member, Estonia provides businesses with easy access to a vast consumer base and a well-established trading network. By establishing your operations in Estonia, you can benefit from the EU’s single market advantages, including the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people. This strategic location positions your business favorably to expand its reach and seize opportunities within the dynamic and lucrative EU marketplace.

4. Diverse Business Banking Solutions:

By establishing your company in Estonia, you gain access to a wide range of banking services that facilitate multiple currency accounts, payment acceptance, payment disbursement, and the ability to apply for credit and debit cards. Estonia-based companies can efficiently manage their banking needs through platforms such as Wise, Intergiro, and Verifo. Additionally, you can leverage services like PayPal and Stripe for seamless payment processing.

5. Appealing Tax Plans for Entrepreneurs:

Estonia’s business tax system offers attractive advantages, including 0% corporate income tax on reinvested profits and a simplified flat rate tax on distributed profits. The efficient e-tax system reduces administrative burdens, and the standard value-added tax (VAT) rate is 20%. These factors make Estonia an enticing destination for entrepreneurs and investors looking to maximize their tax efficiency.

6. Unlock Startup Estonian Visa:

Estonia’s Startup Visa program aims to attract foreign startup entrepreneurs to establish their ventures in the country. By establishing an Estonian company and meeting the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the Startup Visa. Your Estonian company will support your visa application process, providing the necessary documentation and legal framework, increasing your chances of obtaining the visa and pursuing your startup venture in Estonia.


Choosing Estonia as the launchpad for your business provides you with a range of advantages, including digital innovation, market access, diverse banking solutions, appealing tax plans, and the opportunity to unlock the Startup Schengen Visa. Estonia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem awaits your innovative ideas and business aspirations. Start your entrepreneurial journey in Estonia today.