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We understand the challenges faced by individuals holding citizenship or residing in high-risk countries, particularly in North African and Middle Eastern countries, when it comes to opening a business bank account, obtaining credit cards, or registering for a payment processor for their e-commerce websites or businesses. You may have experienced rejections or sudden service shutdowns from fintech companies before discovering elFounder.

If you're considering starting your own Neo Bank to cater to your target audience but are unsure where to begin, elFounder is here to address all your concerns and help you get the services you require. We have partnered with a wide range of premium banking providers to offer you a comprehensive solution.

Unlock a world of premium services tailored to your needs. Complete the form below and experience distinguished service at its finest. Join us today and elevate your banking experience.

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What do you need to go through with elFounder?

  • We boast a vast network of reliable partners.
  • We have a thorough understanding of our partners’ requirements.
  • We offer customized solutions that perfectly align with your business.
  • Our services extend to high-risk countries and encompass various activities.
  • We provide support to citizens of sanctioned countries (subject to certain conditions).
  • We cater to special needs such as BAAS, initial capital accounts, and accounts for financial institutions.
  • We help you get a SEPA and SWIFT accounts to facilitate smooth international transactions.

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Are you eligible for this Service?

To be eligible for this service, you must meet one of the following criteria:

1. Eligible Citizenships :

  • Citizens of Whitelisted/Greylisted Countries: If you hold citizenship in any of those countries, you are eligible.
  • Citizens of Sanctioned Countries Residing in a Whitelisted /Graylisted Country: If you are a citizen of a sanctioned country but currently reside in a whitelisted/graylisted country, you meet the eligibility requirements.

2. Residency Eligibility:

  • Legal Residents of Whitelisted/Graylisted Countries: If you are a legal resident in any of these countries, you meet the eligibility requirements.

3. Business Compliance:

  • Legal Business Activity: Your business must operate within the boundaries of the law to be eligible.

4. Licensing Requirement:

  • Possession of Required Licenses: You must possess all the necessary licenses relevant to your business activity.

Meeting any of these conditions will make you eligible for the service. Please note that specific requirements and restrictions may apply based on the jurisdiction and regulatory considerations.

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What we Offer you?

  • Global Business Bank Account: We provide business bank accounts incorporated in various locations worldwide, excluding sanction countries.
  • Risk-Free Payment Gateway Solution for e-Commerce: We offer a secure payment gateway solution tailored for your e-commerce business, ensuring a hassle-free and safe transaction experience.
  • Hassle-free Neo-Bank Startup for Fintech: If you are in the fintech industry, we provide a streamlined process for starting your own neo-bank, removing unnecessary complexities and making it easier for you to launch your innovative financial services.
  • Specialized Banking Solutions for All: We cater to everyone’s unique banking needs, offering a wide range of specialized services to meet diverse requirements.

Please note that certain services and eligibility criteria may be subject to specific terms, conditions, and legal requirements. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best solutions for your specific needs.

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